We make the events. You reap the rewards.

We do the research.  We find the talent.  We develop the event.  We sell the event. 
Call us to craft unique tour experiences for your town or business!

Vizyon has a two-fold mission: the first part begins with developing new events and consulting.

Our services include site visits to see what you have and what you need.  On a site visit, we make suggestions as to how you can pull from local talent in your area to make events and offerings to the public both beneficial for your area and your business.  Working together to pull a community together is what we do best.  


The second part of our mission is to promote and sell what we have helped you develop.

That means going to travel-trade shows to meet with potential tour companies and bus companies to promote your events to people who can actually advertise them and sell them to groups. It also means using our connections with these tour companies to sell your events or tours on a yearly basis. There is no business like repeat business, and we strive to help venues continually have new ideas and change up their offerings so people will come back to the properties again and again.   

With a battery of talent at our disposal, Vizyon can originate appealing events that are marketable to tourism partners.

Our connections span the country, especially the Southern US. With a battery of talent at our disposal, we can originate an event for you that is appealing and marketable to tourism partners. We have a chef who can travel to your property or event to prepare delicious meals and do demonstrations.  We have every kind of musician, from opera arias to blues and jazz, who can perform at events, venues, or at tour homes, In addition, we work with local historians and storytellers, who can do lectures or folklore to entertain your guests. 


(We are not there for the events, unfortunately. You must actually work the events and have help to work them.)